Lake House also joins the new technology

Domain names in Sinhala and Tamil

Marking a turning point in the history of the internet in this country, the possibility of obtaining Domain Names in Sinhala and Tamil (.lanka and .illangai) was launched on Tuesday (06).

Coming to the forefront among media institutions in this country, as the largest institution in Sri Lanka, Lake House joined this technology too. Accordingly, Lake House will present the domain names relevant to their publications in the Sinhala and Tamil languages.

Chief Operations Officer of the non-profit organization ‘Theekshana’, affiliated to the University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC), Harsha Wijewardana said that similarly, in the future it will be possible to obtain email domain names in the Sinhala and Tamil languages and that in the near future, under the above-mentioned domain names email addresses too could be set up in Sinhala and Tamil.

Speaking while addressing the media at the end of a workshop held on December 6, the Chief Operations Officer of ‘Theekshana’ expressed his views further: “From today onwards, it will be possible to obtain domain names required in either the Sinhala or Tamil language. This is the significance. Also, as of now, servers required for the technological procedure for sending emails in the domain names totally and an email platform are being prepared. We held a workshop regarding this, in the morning.”

“There is another significance too. Lake House is one of the oldest media institutions in Sri Lanka. Lake House owns a number of publications, specially the Dinamina and Silumina newspapers. From today, they will present their domain names in Sinhala and Tamil. It is a very special, significant occasion, in the history of Sri Lanka as well as the history of media. At the same time, it will be a very special occasion for Lake House which has a history of more than a 100 years.”